The sprayed concrete process is ideally suited to marine construction and refurbishment.  The fast set times allow the application of sprayed concrete between tides. The sprayed concrete material, with its high cement content, also provides excellent chloride protection and very high bond strengths.

We have successfully completed many refurbishment projects to marine structures including groynes, sea walls, jetties and piers.

In 2009, Shotcrete Services completed the refurbishment of an offshore deep water unloading jetty in Antigua for West Indies Oil. The works included the removal and replacement of 8-ton fender units, defective concrete removal and replacement.

Shotcrete Services has worked on numerous British Waterways structures, including canal tunnel strengthening and lock refurbishments.


Projects include:

- Rottingdean sea wall repairs
- Brighton Groyne refurbishment
- Sea Island Terminal refurbishment, Antigua
- Allington Lock refurbishment