Pile Facing & Basement Construction


The most common use of sprayed concrete in the civil engineering industry is the facing of piled walls. The sprayed concrete process is ideally suited for the construction of single sided basement walls that have been formed using either Secant or contiguous piles.

The process can offer a number of facing options depending on the requirement of the lining wall. The options include:

1. Filling of pile cusp (gap) only
2. Filling of pile cusp and 50mm facing to        pile face to provide uniform appearance       following pile contours.
3. Filling of complete pile cusp to produce       flat structural basement wall.


The facing walls can include all types of mesh or loss bar reinforcement, depending on the design criteria and hydrostatic/earth loadings imposed on the liner wall.

The sprayed concrete process ensures that dense concrete is applied to the underside of the capping beam, which is usually a problematic area when casting concrete walls.

If required, hydrophilic water bar can be incorporated into the structure at the wall/ floor joint and wall capping beam joint. Water proofing admixtures can also be included within the sprayed concrete mix.

There are also a number of finishes available which can lead to cost savings.

1. ‘As sprayed’
2. Screeded (usually used in conjunction with cavity drain)
3. Floated (gives render-like appearance)




Pile Facing & Basement Construction Pile Facing & Basement Construction Pile Facing & Basement Construction