Technical Advice

Shotcrete Services can provide technical advice and guidance relating to sprayed concrete uses, design and application processes. We also offer:

  • consultancy service
  • representation on specialist panels and forums
  • university lectures / presentations
  • CPD presentations

For general enquiries or more complex technical advice, please email Stuart Manning.

Why use sprayed concrete?

  • Low water/cement ratio 
  • High strengths with rapid strength gain
  • High density / low permeability
  • Enhanced adhesion and bond strength
  • Ability to produce any shape
  • Reduction in formwork costs
  • Ease of access

Wet vs Dry application?

Shotcrete Services will advise on which process will suit a particular application to provide both high quality and cost effective solutions. Often a combination of both processes is utilized.

View our Sprayed Concrete Demonstration held at The Vinci Technology Centre...